LOGOI am Tara Colquitt, The Credit Woman. I educate and assist individuals and business owners in managing credit, money and debt to create opportunities in real estate, business financing, job creation/retention and overall financial health. I have successfully negotiated settlements, helped home owners qualify for mortgages and business owners financing.

I obtained my BS Degree in Civil Engineering from Howard University. I then worked as a Project Engineer for the City of Philadelphia for 15 years and invested in real estate (The House Depot/November 2007 Essence magazine article). As TCW, I have written numerous blogs, presented at workshops, media appearances on WURD, KYW, Comcast Money Matters (TV), etal. In 2013, I co-founded with Nicole Newman to create a series of workshops (Calling All Female Entrepreneurs/C.A.F.E.) to assist new or existing businesses owners in running a successful business.