Congratulations! You are getting a tax refund.

Now what are you going to do with that money?
Vacation? Down payment on a home or a vehicle? Pay off some bills?

All great ideas and if your budget, essentially your relationship with your money, says you can afford it, do so.
But what does your budget say? Let me assist you in defining and perhaps rebuilding that relationship so we can get
you to what we all want to accomplish: Wealth strategies to live our best lives possible.

For $75 I will assist you in developing a one year budget
that will work for you and potentially save you hundreds of dollars.

See what others had to say…

  • I have to give a big shout out to 'the credit woman'!. Just in a short time she's broken down my budget and presented ways to get things back in order! On top of that has been very 'hands on' which someone like me with a busy schedule and ADHD needs! You rock! Thanks!
    Jason Ferguson
  • Thanks to the The Credit Woman, LLC I'm now informed and educated about financial literacy. I was just living, waking up everyday just spending, no budget and it caught to me.
    Teka Berbick
  • Tara, The Credit Woman, has helped me realize through a Budgeting sheet what I actually had in terms of real weekly/monthly operating capital. Her expertise , guidance and attention to daily economic details has really paid off for me so far. Thank you again....
    Jerry Eley
  • Thanks Tara. You motivated me last week, I was able to pull out my bills and face my debt. I really needed the push.
    Trillis Graham