• You did an excellent job with that hard headed man. If you can do it for him, you can do it for anyone.
    2​013 Client's Wife​
  • I didn't understand how my personal credit was affecting my business credit until I talked with Tara. She instructed me to get my credit reports, helped me to read them with comprehension and what needs to be done to improve my credit ratings.
    Michelle Schofield
  • It was easier than I thought, and not as bad as I thought
    Cassandra B
  • If you think you are in financial ruin because of a layoff, foreclosure, excessive credit card debt then call Tara. Just call her, don't think about it, just do it.
    Adrienne Maria
  • Thank you for assisting my husband with his credit. You were a HUGE help.
    Tampa, Fl | Purchased Home in 2015
  • I have been working with Tara for several months now and it has not only benefited my business in terms of having a budget created but it has made my accountable.I am able to look at what I am spending and have real numbers, Thanks to Tara. Her passion for what she does is refreshing and extremely helpful.
    Deanne Hale, Collage Hair Studio
  • I have to give a big shout out to 'the credit woman'!. Just in a short time she's broken down my budget and presented ways to get things back in order! On top of that has been very 'hands on' which someone like me with a busy schedule and ADHD needs! You rock! Thanks!
    Jason Ferguson
  • Tara is the most competent person in her field. Her experience speaks volumes for the MANY she has helped!!
    John Walters
  • The other night I heard Tara Colquitt, The Credit Woman speak. Incredibly inspirational and upbeat both in her speaking and personal interaction. Tara's knowledge is useful to those who might be having financial difficulties, as well as those looking to stay solvent.
    Susan Evans
  • Having Tara Colquitt's guidance through the process of contacting creditors to clear up issues on my credit report was invaluable. Her knowledge of effectively interacting with the various agencies made the process completely pain free. The Credit Woman took the fear away and got me on the road to improving my credit rating.
    Philadelphia Business Owner
  • I just began working with Tara and she is excellent! She is personable, non-judgmental, and is eager to share her knowledge. Also, I really appreciate her quick responses to email and her accessibility by phone. I am grateful to be working with her!
  • The Credit Women is affordable, most of all she gives her best effort to help you with financial planning and credit repairing. She gets the job done!
    Tracey Mitchell-Johnson
  • I must testify about how your working with me in terms of my budget and finances has been utterly Priceless!!!! I Thank God for all the help and amazing ideas that you have given to me and continue to give me with such selflessness. I have been able to implement your ideas in my business and they have given me great benefit. You have a wealth of knowledge that continues to take my business to the next level. You bless me because you genuinely care about helping your clients succeed. Thank God for you and all you do for me and my personal life as well as my business.
    Deanne Hale
    Owner of Collage Hair Studio in Philadelphia
  • Honestly my husband just thanked me ten minutes ago for introducing him to her. He said he never thought he could get his credit together but Tara Colquitt has made him realize the potential he has. He never listened to me but he is hanging onto ever word she says and he sees the fruit of his labor.
  • If it's one thing I've learned in my life it's CREDIT IS EVERYTHING! Tara is simply awesome and amazing. She continues to help me with my credit and is doing a great job! I'm confident and look forward to all the opportunities my great credit score will bring. "A friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship." - John Rockefeller. THANKS THE CREDIT WOMEN
    Sandas Abdul-Aziz Murphy
  • My score went from a 549 to a 649 in less than 45 days! I recommend Tara to everyone.
    Lateefah Perry
    Philadelphia, PA
  • Tara was the best investment I have made in 5 years of owning my own business. As many small business owners tend to do, I leaned on personal credit cards when business was inconsistent, which led to a high utilization and plummeting personal credit score. You always hear that it's best to keep low balances on your credit cards but how do you do that when you're stuck at paying your minimums only? Well Tara got me organized with a shared, working spreadsheet so I could understand my finances at a glance. She then made me understand which cards were most important to bring balances down on first. With her guidance and relentless follow up over several months, I am free of credit card debt which has caused my credit score to jump 80 points in 5 months! I am so happy to write this review for Tara because she truly changed my life and ultimately the trajectory of my business. Thank you!
    Joe DeCandido
    President at ADVENT Consulting, LLC
  • Fear kept me from looking at my credit report. But eventually what I wanted for my future outweighed my fear. I couldn't let it keep me in one spot.
    Cheryl Johnson
  • Tara, The Credit Woman, has helped me realize through a Budgeting sheet what I actually had in terms of real weekly/monthly operating capital. Her expertise , guidance and attention to daily economic details has really paid off for me so far. Thank you again....
    Jerry Eley
  • In 2010 it was brought to my attention that my credit report was seriously compromised with inaccurate information, I was given Tara's number and she guided and took on my case. Tara has worked with me in rebuilding and fighting this issue and I am happy and proud to say it is not only resolved but my score is now well over 700. Tara has not only been a business acquaintance , we have also developed a very special friendship.
    Maria Smith-Fritz
  • I woke up today feeling great about my progress credit wise from the third quarter and I owe much of that feeling to you and your keeping me accountable. Thank you for being a financial friend.
    Lisa Kidd
  • Thanks Tara. You motivated me last week, I was able to pull out my bills and face my debt. I really needed the push.
    Trillis Graham
    Philadelphia, PA
  • Thank you very much for helping me with my credit . I thought I would never be able fix my credit problems until I talked to you. Usually when people like myself have bad credit we often ignore the phone calls telling us we owe x amount of money and it needs to be payed ASAP. But I wanted to make a change with my life when I had to go to court against a credit company. To be honest it was really scary to face them in the court room but once you guided me thorough the situation by calling the law firm who had the case against me, I felt a lot better. Also when a hospital in New Jersey called to say that I owed them $2500 you called them to sort everything out. After we talked to them they closed the case quickly due to them being at fault. When you think about it, there are a lot of people who don't have anyone to help them out and end up paying the debt. If it wasn't for you I would have payed the hospital off. I know that we aren't finished yet but again I really want to thank you for guiding me to a lifestyle that is debt free. You can always use my name for anyone who needs an extra encouragement to allow you to help them. Once again thank you very much and I have no problem being a reference to you.
    Charmaine Toby
  • Tara has started to work with me only for about a week now and has helped me tremendously! As I told her, I'm grateful to have come in contact with a person who truly wants to help and is not just about making the bucks. With the plan she laid out for me, I'm excited to see where I will be a year from now based off the progress that I have achieved only within the last week!
    C.C. | Blue Bell, PA
  • It's had been a little over a year since our first consult and after a few sessions and some clear direction, I am proud to say that my credit score has improved by 100 points!!! The Credit Woman is amazing!!!
    DaVita Garfield
  • Simply an ANGEL AND BLESSING FROM GOD! No other words for me would describe this wonderful and beautiful lady! Her compassion and drive to better, educate and edify others is PHENOMENAL! If you're unsuccessful under her direction, it is solely a choice you made to fail!
    Grey Harley
  • Sincere and transparent…driven by people and not by profit. If you haven’t had the pleasure of at least having a level one communication with this wonderful woman…you are doing yourself a serious disservice. Ms. Tara Colquitt (The Credit Woman) wants nothing more than to see you move from where you are to where you need to be in terms of financial freedom. Thank you for your time, your resources, and your tenacity, it has inspired me this week, more than you know!
    Dawn Hayward
  • Thanks to the The Credit Woman, LLC I'm now informed and educated about financial literacy. I was just living, waking up everyday just spending, no budget and it caught to me.
    Teka Berbick
  • I just started the process with Tara, and I feel like I jumped a huge hurdle she puts you at ease and help you understand what you have to do to get back on track thanks Tara!!!
    Anthony Duffy
  • Excited to getting debt free, I know that there is a lot more work to do, but I am excited as I see it already. I am so grateful to have you in my life during this process.
    S.M., New Jersey
  • I'm happy that at 23, I found someone who could teach me what I need to know about credit counseling and managing my money. A lot of times we don't find people who are willing to give us information so valuable until it's too late. I got lucky, I help to make sure I do what I can to make Tara's job as easy as can be. After all she's here to help I would never want to make it hard for her to show me the way. Thank you Tara for all you do for me.
    Ayesha | @blackmeetsbeauty
  • Tara, I would like to thank you for providing for me advice that I can truly understand. Your answers are straight-forward and to the point. Allowing someone to “get it”. KISS- Keep it Simple is a phrase that should be used while listening to you discuss and talk about spending and to keep our focus during difficult times in our financial life. Again, Thank you for being a friend to call upon, which your response time for someone in your field is exceptional, during a very private and hard time for some. You have allowed me and for most people that listen to your show, to see the light at the end of a dismal moment for me. You make it all seem so clear. God bless you!
    Greg Arfuso
    Southern NJ
  • Had it not been for this young lady, my credit would have never allowed me to purchase the home of my dreams. Thank you Tara for EVERYTHING, I cant sing your praises enough
  • I recently called Tara because of a problem I was having with my credit, that was preventing me from getting a mortgage.  From the first phone call, Tara was polite, courteous, and very knowledgeable.  Tara worked quickly and efficiently to fix my situation.  If not for Tara, I am confident I would still be stuck in the same situation.
  • Obviously, the people you choose to advise you in any area of the financial arena have to have integrity, maintain confidentiality, and should be likable. Tara exemplifies all of those qualities. She's extremely knowledgeable and personable - and she's a "fixer"; everyone knows that errors on credit reports can make your life miserable!. One of Tara's specialties is teaching high school and college students how to build and manage their credit (a huge help to parents!). I highly recommend Tara - whether you are considering a real estate purchase, trying to straighten out a credit issue, or just want someone to teach your kids how to strengthen their credit for the future.
    Lori Lewis