Wealth Strategies for Home Ownership

Hear that? That’s opportunity knocking!

I am not here to convince you about the benefits of homeownership, but to take advantage of not well known, and innovative techniques to get you more bang for your buck. You are not just purchasing your home; you are investing in it.

So, let’s break down the talking points of this Program:

How do you receive cash back at settlement?

The Program requires you to ‘find’ a property you want to purchase. Their network of licensed real estate agents will then do all the paperwork for you. Since you invested your time in finding the house, the agents are willing to give you some of their commission fee back.


Am I eligible for 100% financing?

First things first… Is your credit in order? If you don’t know, get your free credit reports ASAP. Of course, I am here foremost to counsel you on your credit, then get you qualified for a loan. Assisting you with finding your home is just the cherry on top. The mortgage application process is very simple. You may be able to offset your closing costs or buy down your interest rate saving you thousands of dollars over the life of your loan.

What do you need to move forward today?

For a simple consultation fee ($50) I will help you prepare for the Program. A downpayment is required (minimum 3%) and you must be interested in purchasing a property* valued over $100,000. I am willing to refund your $50 fee at the time you settle on your home, so this is a no-risk offer.

Of course, if you need assistance with your credit, please pre-qualify yourself and let’s move forward with your goal of homeownership.

*Properties in need of repair may be eligible for customization of wall paint and other cosmetic improvements.